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Teacher by Default
       How did I ever become a Teacher?
I became a "Teacher by Default", because I never really intended to be a teacher. This needs a little explanation. When I was in high school, I barely passed from one grade to the next. English and History frustrated me no end! I had to take 10th grade history twice. Algebra was within my grasp, and science was interesting enough to cause me to try. I was sure that high school would be the end of my formal education. After joining the Air Force and doing well in airplane mechanics, college was still the last thing on my mind.

       When my Air Force contract ended, I married the daughter of a saw mill owner and worked for my father-in-law for two years hauling logs and cutting timber. Then two things happened at once.  I was informed that if I did not use my GI Bill for college within three months, I would lose it, and my father-in-law said I was 'college material'. Given that deadline and a vote of confidence, I rushed to apply at Pennsylvania State College in Electrical Engineering. Trouble was, I hadn't taken geometry and trigonometry in high school and would not be considered at Penn State. I was counseled to go to Lock Haven State Teachers College for one year to meet the requirement of starting the GI Bill, and then transfer to Penn State after the first year. Eight years after leaving high school, I buckled down and received all A's and B's as a freshman at lock Haven Teachers College. My application at Penn State was promptly rejected. They would not accept my grade A math and physics courses at Lock Haven as meeting their high standard of excellence!
       Disappointed but somewhat flexible, I resolved to become a teacher. In the spring of 1959, on the campus of Lock Haven State Teachers College, my father and mother proudly attended my graduation ceremony as I received a BS in Education, majoring in Mathematics and Physical Science. I taught high school mathematics for one year at Chambersburg, Pa., and two years at Wheatland Chili Central High School, Scottsville, NY.

       Many years later, my employer of 22 years, Eastman Kodak Company, promoted me to Senior Photographic Engineer and made a formal gift of $1000.00 to Lock Haven State College in recognition of my service to Kodak.

Fred and Martha 
on graduation day

Wheatland Chili Central High School
Math Club picture.