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Poems to Go

by F. D. Hauck
Christmas drops by just once every year,
And reminds us of those we love most dear.
We reach out to friends, both far and near,
To offer a message of hope and good cheer.
How nice it would be if you could be here!
I would shake your hand and bend your ear
'Til we shared everything we did this year.
Then rejoice, and part with unashamed tear!

A Thanksgiving Sunset
F. D. Hauck
Sun shining brightly through clouds of snow.
The vision, though fleeting, captured for show.
Inspired by its beauty, it occurred to me...
Paint it in color for all to see!
For the sun has power, who can deny?
It melts thick clouds that darken the sky
And changes a mood that might have been
Lifting our souls, and thanking Him again!

Sun setting in the Genesee Valley, Thanksgiving, 1999