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       This picture was taken in about 1936. The wagon has the hay rack that Louis used for more than ten years on the farm. From Left; Fred, Shirley Knepp, Jessie Bloom, Gordon Knepp, Margaret Irwen, Dick Knepp, Donnie Harmic, all cousins.

       Louise took nursing training and nursed for 40 years, and was recognized by being named "Nurse of the Year" after her retirement. Dean was drafted into the Army in 1943 and left high school to go directly to training camp. He was wounded in 1944 in France and killed in action in Germany in 1945, two weeks before the war ended in Europe. Henry died at age one. Frederic served in the Air Force, then obtained a BS in Education at Lock Haven, PA. Frederic taught school for three years, operated Hauck Tree service for forty-six years and worked at Eastman Kodak Company for 22 years. Ernest worked very hard farming and operating his own trucking company. Gretchen was the home maker.
       The Hauck farm leaves many memories with those who lived there. Many things that happened are not remembered. I don't recall sitting on the wagon for the picture, but do remember times when cousins came to visit. Jessie lived within yelling distance, and the others in the picture lived less than two miles away.

       This wagon had a smaller wagon box that could be put on the chassis to go to town. The wagon hauled grain to Curwensville for grinding and made trips to Grampian for feed purchased off a train boxcar. Well remembered is the rough ride over bumps on the unpaved road to the farm. I remember the wagon heaped with fresh corn stocks on the way to fill the silo, and hay built as high as the barn door would allow. One time Louis went to town to take care of some business and I went along for the ride.  Dad tied the horse to a light pole on a side street that had fresh blacktop and I waited in the wagon seat.  When he returned to the wagon, the horse had dug a hole in the fresh blacktop with a front hoof. Dad was sent a bill to pay for the  damage.

This picture of Florence at age 15 looks much like Gretchen at the same age.