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Louis Hauck with Judy. A good picture of the farm wagon we used for many years. The load of hay was "built by hand".

       Fred took this picture of Gretchen on the new Farmall A in the summer of 1946. She dressed up just for the occasion.   Fred's Greyhound (1930 Ford) is seen behind the tractor.

       In 1943, while Dean was home on leave after basic training, Louis and Dean salvaged a wooden silo, and a granary was built from the silo lumber. As the years passed, more buildings were constructed, and a corn crib, pig-pen and milking stall were attached to the barn.
       Finally, in 1946, Louis bought a new Farmall A Tractor with plow and cultivator. A home made wagon was made from a Sears kit and Model A Ford chassis. Later, a manure spreader was purchased, freeing up one of the uses of the pitch fork.
       Louis worked at the Curwensville Brick Yard for about 15 years and hated it. In 1945, after his first heart attack, he left the brick yard to run the farm. Up to then, many of the chores were done by the family, but there was hardly a time when Louis was not working.

       This picture of my Ford A was taken in 1947.
It shows the chicken house and chicken yard far left, the out house over the Ford hood, the smoke house at the right corner of the Ford, the barn with lean-to milking stable and manure pile on right.
       I climbed the Oak tree near the electric pole many times, and once climbed the electric pole and sat on the top of the pole between the wires. No wonder that I am still climbing!