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    Louis Hobson Hauck and Family

       Louis Hobson Hauck and Florence Irene Way were married in 1922. For a while they lived with Mary Jane Hauck, at the Daniel Hauck Homestead. Their first child, Louise was born above the kitchen at the Hauck Homestead. In the first year of marriage, they went to Vermont where Louis found work constructing a tunnel. During that time, Florence bought a Gearhart Knitting Machine and made socks to sell. They returned to live for a while in Luthersburg, Pennsylvania, then moved to Bridgeport.   Dean and Henry were born after the return from Vermont. Henry lived to the age of one year.  Eventually they bought land on the hill where a farm was established. A house, barn and outhouse were built, and land was cleared to make a home for a family. Frederic, Ernest and Gretchen were born and raised at the farm on the hill.
       The small house was built from used lumber Louis salvaged from a school house. The first floor was surrounded by a stone wall and divided into a kitchen and fruit cellar. The second floor had a living room and two small bedrooms. In the early years, the living room was furnished with small beds or baby cribs. Later, the house was extended on the north side by dragging a work shop over and attaching it to the house. Then a basement was dug under the addition, and a stone wall built for support. This expansion just about doubled the size of the house. Not until the three oldest moved out was there room for an inside bathroom. Drinking water came from a natural spring located about 100 yards north of the house. A chicken house was built very early.
        Louis built a home made tractor from a Model T Ford and used it to clear land and do some of the work. A horse was always his preferred means of working the farm equipment. The horses I remember are June, Judy and Patsy. The barn was built in about 1934. Electricity was wired in about the same time. The first refrigerator came in about 1936.

      Henry died at age one year. Mary Jane Hauck is holding him in this picture.

Florence with Louise
in Vermont

Florence and Louis Hauck
with youngest daughter, Gretchen, Sept 1942
Catalpa tree and corn in background

Fred, Dean, Ernest, Louise, Gretchen
By Catalpa tree and corn field, Sept 1942