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       The picture below was taken at the Weisgerber place in 1923. Grandmother Beck, in the center is holding Louise, daughter of Louis and Florence. Florence is standing behind her mother, Margaret Ellen Beck Way, on the right end of the picture. Margaret Way, sitting next to her parents, is holding her youngest, Jim Way. Mary Jane Beck Hauck, widow of Daniel Hauck is standing at the left end of the picture. Louis and Florence both had a mother with the maiden name Beck, but they were not related.
       Daniel William Hauck died in the Spring of 1919 from the influenza epidemic that killed thousands. Mary Jane Hauck died in 1933 and Margaret Way died when Jim was three years old.
       Louis and Florence went to Vermont sometime after the picture was taken. In Vermont, Louis worked on a tunnel construction job and Florence used a Gearhart Knitting Machine to make socks for sale.

      This picture taken in 1920 with Pearl may have been beside Daniel Hauck's blacksmith shop.  Louis Hauck never tired of owning a horse. He used a horse to farm until buying a tractor in 1946, and raised a colt after that. There will be more to write  on the subject of horses.

Standing: Mary Jane Hauck (widow of Daniel), Roy Beck, Iva Hauck Beck, Lloyd Shaffer, Alice Hauck Shaffer, Louis Hauck, Florence Way Hauck.
Front row: Wesley Hauck (holding Danny), Caroline Hauck (holding Billy), Grandmother Beck (holding Louise), Grandfather Beck, Margaret Beck Way                   (Margaret Way holding Jim Way)