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Daniel William Hauck and
Family (cont)

       Mahoning Creek is on the boundary of the Hauck Homestead where Louis Hauck was photographed in the fall of 1919 on his horse, Pearl. Louis was 21 at the time. He looked like a cowboy from a western movie. He would have looked right at home riding with Tom Mix of western movie fame who lived nearby in Dubois, PA, at one time.

The picture of Louis may have been a wedding picture taken 1922.

Louis Hauck at age 21, on Pearl. Taken in Mahoning Creek, 1919. He looked like a cowboy.

       Louis on Pearl, Boyd Kramer, Chauncey Hauck. Pictures likely taken same day.
       In the fall of 1919, Chauncey had returned from France, and he and Louis were living with their widowed mother. Louis had a horse named Pearl. The brothers were pictured in Mahoning Creek with a friend, Boyd Kramer.

       Chauncey Dean Hauck was the third child of Daniel Hauck's family. He joined the army in time to serve in France in 1918. He was a guard at a German prisoner of war camp. Daniel Hauck died in 1919 before Chauncey returned from Europe.