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Picture taken about 1912 on front porch of Daniel Hauck home

Back Row: Louis Hobson Hauck, Chauncey Dean Hauck
Third row: Bill Beck, Sam Hice, Wesley Hauck, Daniel William Hauck
Second Row: Lucy Blose Beck, Geraldine Beck, Sarah Beck Hice, Grandmother Beck, Velma Beck, Mary Jane Hauck, Clara Francis Hauck
Front Row: Clarence Beck, Iva Hauck, Bill Beck, Charles Hauck, Alice Hauck

       About the picture of Daniel Hauck and family;  The picture was in the possession of my cousin, Lorraine Shaffer Shaw, daughter of Alice Hauck in the picture. While searching for family information, Lorraine gave me a copy of the picture. The picture was folded at one time and had a ragged white fold line down the center. The line went down the right cheek of Wesley, standing in the center of the picture. Computer software was used to cover up the damage. The repair on Wesley's cheek was not very successful and his right eye and cheek show the imperfection. Time permitting, I may be able to correct this by copying Chauncey's or Louis' eye and copying it to Wesley. Louis Hauck was about 14 years old at the time of the photo. Matthew Hauck, great grandson of Louis, at the age of 14 had a resemblance to Louis at age 14.
      Inset on the right is from the original photo.