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Daniel William Hauck and Family

       My Grandfather, Daniel William Hauck, raised his family of four boys and three girls just a few miles south of Dubois, Pennsylvania, near a village called Luthersberg. As this history is being written, the house on the Daniel W. Hauck Homestead still stands. Louise, granddaughter of Daniel, and her husband, Wendell Hartzfeld, took a picture of the homestead in 1940. I took a picture of the home in about 1998, and talked to the owner. It appears that only two families owned the home since it belonged to Daniel William Hauck The current owner showed me the location where Daniel Hauck had his blacksmith shop.
       Louis and Florence lived with Mary Jane Hauck at the homestead for a few months after they were married. My sister, Louise, was born in the room above the kitchen.
       Daniel William died in 1919 from the influenza epidemic that struck the world at the same time as The World War. Chauncey, his third son, was in the army at the time, guarding German prisoners in France. Mary Jane lived until 1933.
       On a page to follow, there is a picture of the Daniel Hauck family on the front porch. Louis Hauck, standing in the back row appears to be about fourteen years old, which would date the picture at about 1912.

Daniel William and Mary Jane Hauck
Wedding picture

       During the influenza epidemic, Clara Francis Hauck was caring for the Kramers who were suffering from the virus. Later she married Perry Kramer.
       While Chauncey  was in the army, many letters were written to and from home and because he was not in a war zone, he was able to save all the letters. After Chauncey died, his wife, Allie Korb Hauck gave the letters to Joe and Lorraine Shaw, who loaned them to Fred Hauck. Those letters were scanned and saved in computer files for later publication. Through those letters, many of the events that happened at the Daniel Hauck home were preserved for family records.
       The letters are to be made a part of this history so interested descendents of Daniel William and Mary Jane Hauck may enjoy meeting the family through words written so many years ago.

Daniel Hauck Homestead; picture taken 1940