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         Aug. 30, 43
Dear Family, friends, relatives and neighbors,
Things are pretty fair right now, it rained this afternoon about two o'clock when we were out studying the mortar, it sure felt good. It rained here last night too the first time in two weeks. Things are pretty dusty down here. We fired the machine gun last week and I made marksmanship, and lacked eight points of being sharpshooter. They gave us cigarettes as a prize and I got four packs, gave them to John Irwin for half a smackeroo.
Well I'm not homesick anymore, but I wouldn't care if they would send me home for a little while. When I had that picture taken I had not thought of tears I was just sober. I believe I'll like it here if I keep on, this heat is the worst thing, when it goes down to 80 deg. it is cool.
Chester was shipped down here to go to college at Cochran, it's about forty miles from Wheeler. I was over to see him yesterday. Sure was good to get together. On the way back I missed the bus and caught a ride in a 41 Plymouth Station Wagon. The roads down here are pretty good and you can do 80 or 90 per. If you want to and that is just what he did, what a ride. You don't need in the air corps to get a good ride. When you look out the window you don't look at one spot very long.
The job of Sqd. Leader isn't getting any tougher but it isn't getting any easier. I think I'll stick too it and there is a possibility I may get a corpl. Rating out of it. When we lined up I happened to  be the tallest in our squad and was the first in line so I was given the leadership. As long as I stay on the ball and do the job right I'll stay Squad Leader. I could have probably gotten in the band but I don't want to bother with such a
quiet job. I don't mind not being in the Air Corp anymore, it would be a hell of a note if everyone was in there. The Infantry is just as good a place as any to fight and that is what I want to do right now. This Army life is making me soft. I'm loosing my calluses.
I think I may sign up for the paratroopers after my basic, I don't know yet. I guess there isn't a whole lot more to say so I think I'll troop off to bed. We have an all night problem tomorrow night so I'd better get.
      I remain as ever,
       "Lil Abner"
P.S. I dug a foxhole the other day and wanted to get into it when they ran a tank over it. The Lieutenant asked me if I wanted to get hurt.