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        Aug. 12, 43
Dear Folks,
Well things are about as well as can be expected. I took my physical on tue. And they said I was still colored blind, so that screws that up right. It didn't hurt this time because I was looking for it. I guess I'll be a machine gunner, it doesn't make any difference to me any more. If I get a break for anything else you can be sure I'll take it.
I was on K.P. yesterday for the first time, half of today also and all I did was wash dishes. (how I loved it) Mother you just ought to have some of the equipment they have in that kitchen, it sure is nice.
I got a letter from Louise and she said that Ernest was being pretty bad. In the Army when you are bad they put you in the guard house or make you go to bed as soon as you have your supper. I don't suppose Gretchen has gotten any better, Boy! I'd turn them both over my knee. The old Ford hasn't broke down yet has it? Did he get the bed on alright? I'll send my stamp book along and if you can't use them at home you can give them to Bob or Byron or somebody that can. If I say anything more I won't have anything to say in the next letter.
I got my pay on wed. and I still had $1.50. I got $38.75 with two months insurance and laundry taken out of $50.00. I'll probably draw $42 when things get straightened out. I'm not going to buy any bonds until I get a watch and some other things I need and want. I am sending four dollars, that with the dollar credit I have and the five dollars I will send next month will pay my insurance up and for Oct. If that isn't right let me know.

They say better late than never so I am sending Dad five dollars as a little Birthday present. I don't suppose he can use it but I don't know of anything I could get him.
Here are some photos, you keep one, give one to Louise, one to Grace and one to Alice and save one for me. I'll probably get some more later on.
       As ever you son,

Aug. 16, 43
Dear Mother,       
Don't be to proud the squad leader job is a sweet headache, I don't know but if it gets any worse I think I'll resign. I guess there isn't any news, I answered Alice's letter and I don't have Jimmies address. I wrote Viola and have about five other letters to write. We throw live hand grenades tomorrow and have a night problem Fri night. Today was about as hot as it has been yet. We were out in this same field as the pic. on the card. We've been working with machine guns the last week or so.
       As ever,