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         Aug 5, 43
Dear Scruff, (Fred)
I got your card and was glad to hear from someone different for a change. It is good to hear from home no matter who writes it but it is kind of nice to hear from someone diff once in a while.
It seams funny not to have to milk cows and pitch hay but I don't mind. It seams to me that I used to sit pullets on the roost one time too. I'll tell you one thing, all that work you do is what will make a man out of you. When you and Ernest have something to do go and do it, then you can look back and say, "look what I did." That is the way it is in the Army only if you don't go ahead and do it you get some more to do. The work here isn't any harder than it is back home only a guy wishes he was back there.
You want to take care of your tires on the bike and the Ford because when they are gone it will be pretty hard to get some more. Now that you have a new battery don't use the light and starter only when you have to because those are the two things that use most of the juice in it. And you want to keep an eye on the amp. hand so that you will know that the generator is always working, if it stops your battery will go hay wire in a hurry. I am jeep driver up at our headquarters tonight from 5:30 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. that is where I am now. All you have to do is sit around and be ready to jump in a jeep in case an officer wants to go some place, being sun. night I probably won't have to drive at all but I have to be here just in case. I haven't done any driving since I came into the Army except when I took my test.
I want to get a watch but decided that there is no use in getting a good one. I want about a $16:00 or $24.00 watch with a dark face and luminous hands and numbers. (I want a sweep hand on it too.) If mother can send for it now go ahead and I will send the money in a day or so. (She can also send my skate key and wrench I might use them.) I sent Allen a card and picture. I will send two more and mother and Louise can fight about which one gets which. I guess that is all for now, I'll send some money in a day or so. I have 6.25 allotted for bonds a month.
       As ever I remain
       your little brother,
P.S. Send me a road map of  Pa.