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        Feb. 4, 45
Dearest Mother,
Yes! I'm still kicking around over here but it's been so long that you have begun to wonder whether or not kicked off or kicked under or what. I suppose you have heard by now of the push we are making. The Russians aren't doing to bad, they're swarming all around Berlin but old Jerry just doesn't seem quite ready to kick under. Right now the kitchens are in an old wool work about 1 Km out of Monchou (?) and the troops about fifteen miles up, on the front. It keeps a kitchen crew and one jeep pretty busy keeping hot meals up to the boys. Two drivers on one jeep isn't too bad thou. Of course I was called out at twelve thirty this morning to take some rations and a couple machine guns up to the line and go back before five in the morning. Jerrie threw a little counterattack while I was up there, with five tanks but it didn't get far. There is Jerrie vehicles, artillery, AA guns and all kinds of equipment that we have passed up in the advance, along the roads. This afternoon a couple of the boys and I went crawling around in a cave in the side of the hill here, didn't find any thing thou. Rec'd Fred's letter the other day. I hope Dad and Fred understand my not writing them individually maybe someday I'll get to it I'm getting older by the day, every time you duck one of them dammed shells you get about two years older.
Well I could sit and write for a week and write a couple of pages but its getting late and there's a big day tomorrow. You might buy the Dec. 18, 44 issue of Life and some day I'll show you some of the towns we fought through.
Well I must close I've got to go for a load of water.
       As ever I remain
        With Love

Here's a little cartoon I got out of the stars and stripes.

(End of letters) The last two letters were stolen from Florence Hauck while she was selling farm produce at the Curwensville farm market.