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        Dec. 28, 44
Dearest Ma and All,
Well here goes again, it's the same way every time I write a letter. There's so much that I could say but just don't know what to say. Louise sent me a birthday card and a letter or two since but I haven't answered. But I guess it isn't so bad as not having heard from me at all being that she can get home two or three times a month and read these letters, I guess. Maybe I haven't written but I hope that doesn't make her think I have forgotten about her. I did write to Peggy but haven't wrote Bettie yet. Owe letters to Buck, Allen, Alma, Mr. Briggs and about five or six others.
I can say we had a swell Xmas dinner, turkey, mashed taters and all the trimming, it was sure good even if it was out in the woods.
Boy if my dad could see me now, me running around with a Jerry automatic pistol on my hip and driving a jeep. I ought to write Jim too. This is some letter phooey.
I rec'd a card from Grace Heitsenrether, it certainly was a pleasant surprise to find folks of the vicinity remembers a guy. Give her my thanks for the card and thot.
        Jan. 8, 45
Guess this is more like a Diary than A letter. Somebody yesterday said it was Sun. seventh, so today is Mon. the eight. Since I started this letter I have rec'd a couple letters from Louise and two or three from you. Viola sent me a card and a line also Alma.
The box of candy with the unlined gloves came about three days ago. I had just gotten back from a run into Eupere (?), about 6:06 but it was dark and crawled into my hole there it was. I opened it and we tasted of it and the other driver said to hurry up and send for some more, now I think that's a right smart I der (?). So you may send me another box of that candy and I think I'll find a place to put it.
You see there is two drivers on A "Bug" and we bunk together. My driver is a Hill-Billy farmer just about like me, from Kentucky. His name is Sullavian Lee. I say my driver because I his assist. Last nite one of the other jeeps got off the road (if you could call it that) and got stuck. We had to go up through the woods about three mile in a foot of snow at midnight then couldn't get it out anyway. Oh well! All in a night's work. As far as me being cold, my feet and hands are cold most of the time except when I'm in bed. I don't have things too rough compared to some to the boys and considering the conditions.
I suggest anyone (not) sending anything I haven't requested unless they knew definitely I could use it.
I can well understand Dad's sentiments about my writing. Bob Dale and I are altogether diff. Individuals with two diff. Jobs. Some fellows can sit down and write a letter in five minutes. It takes me that long to think about it. Well my mammy always said I was
slow. I haven't changed "much."
       As ever
P.S. Will write again someday.