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        Nov. 4, 44 Belgium
Dear Ma and all,
Well I guess it's about time I was writing a line home. I'm sitting on my helmet and writing on a ration box. I'm fairly safe as far as the enemy is concerned and will be for some time probably. I'm back with the company so my mind should catch up with me with in a week or so. I rec'd your's & Dad's letters about a month ago, ans. Them and haven't written since. I really haven't anything to say I guess, If you haven't sent the gloves yet get size #10 with a lining in since winter is at the door. I put on a heavy under shirt today, it feels pretty good. I'd like to be back there now to go hunting, but I guess if I'm there next year to go hunting I'll be darn lucky.
I've been in Germany and stood on the Siegfried line. I came through France and banged through paree on an old freight train in the middle of the night so I didn't see very much of it. I came through (censored) and went through (censored) in Belgium. And of course I'm still ready to come home. I can't say when I'll write again but I'm always thinking of you all. How does Fred like High School?
As far as settling down when I get back, goes, well I wouldn't promise anyone just what I going to do when that time comes. I wouldn't say that we live over here, we just exist, but I've had quite a good time kicking around in England and Europe.
Well it's starting to sprinkle so I'd better close.
       As ever I remain,    Your loving son,    Dean

        Nov. 21, 44 BELGIUM
Dearest Mother and all,
I find my self again trying to write a letter not knowing what to say or how to say it. Since the last time I wrote I've had some more experiences with Jerry but I'm safe and sound now for the time being again. I've been in Germany twice now. I rec'd your and Fred's letter and one from Louise, mailed around Nov.? I felt pretty tough for a couple days last week, I guess it was a touch of the flue.
Boy I could surely use a good pair of Gumbs, the mud isn't quite up to the knees. The salutation on the paper is our regimental nickname. The "Go Devil" is our newspaper which we hardly ever see. I'm doing ok except for the fact that I can't keep my feet dry but I can usually change sox at night and I got artics ordered so I really can't complain very much. I sending a money order for one hundred smackeroos, so I guess the bank would be a good place for it. I was paid up in full the other day for the first time in five months so I only had $156, nice little wad, what? You can only send one hundred dollars at a clip so I'll probably send some more on payday. I spent quite a bit in England but over here you hardly ever spend a cent for anything but rations. I may get a pass to Paris if we stick around long enough. The boys that have all ready been there say its one flourishing big town. Well I'll sign off here and hit the hay, and I doooo - mean hay, about three or four inches of it on good old mother earth.
       I remain as ever,      With love      Dean
P.S. I guess I told you my gloves were size ten. Boy right now I could eat some of that Maple walnut fondenant (?) I had in July. You can send me another package of that same kind and don't forget the peanuts.