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       Oct. 1, 44, England
Dear Dad,
Well Sir, Ole Man you're certainly getting on the Ball. Things are going along pretty smooth with me. I get a pass once in a while. I went to a dance last night and took a slick chick home afterward. I think I'll go in again tomorrow night she said she would be there, if she is ok. I may take her home again, if she ain't, what the hell's the diff. There's lots of pebbles on the beach. Been having a pretty good time since I've been out of bed and able to get out on pass.
Speaking of farming with a Jeep I never did think too much of it. If you remember right in one of my letters I said to wait and get a new ford after the war. Now I may be wrong about that, anyway I drove a jeep in Basic Training and they would be pretty handy but they couldn't stand up to a tractor. When it comes to buying a tractor I don't think I would cash my bonds, I expect to have a job and I'd sooner use cash besides I ought to have four or five hundred dollars in the bank when I get back beside the bonds. I have also toyed with the idea of getting a combine, you know I believe you could make a good little bit with it, along with the plows and mower attachment. This thing of farming is just kinda on the side, you see my mind is still on aviation and I'd sort of like to get a job in a machine shop or as mechanic. Also thought a lot about going into the trucking business if it promises O.K.
Evidently you fixed your cradle, I did a pretty good job of cracking it up when I tried to cut Bietz's oats. I remember I hauled some of it up with the old Model T.
I'll try and get you a pistol and some diff. Things. If I can manage I may get Barny one too but don't count on either one. When I was over there the last time I wasn't thinking about any pistols or anything else.
My wound is all healed and I'm on my way back to the outfit anytime now, but that's hard to tell when.
Here's a little something I may have mentioned in one of my earlier letters but I'm not sure. This thing of Buddying with Fred & Ernest, especially with Fred, he's just at the age of going from a kid to a young man and naturally he will change quite a lot on some things. Of course if he has any problems he'll go ahead and dope (?) them out but you want to have little talks with him and let him know he can feel well at ease and talk things out with you whenever he has something on his mind.
You know I'm still in the Army so it's hard to tell where the hell I'll end up next and when I'll be home. I may go to the S. Pacific or the occupation of Germany in any case I don't look to be home before 46. So if I do get home sooner then I won't be disappointed. Well, I guess I've popped my top enough for one time so I'll be closing for this time.
        I remain as ever,
       Soldier and Adventurer
P.S. Use my old company address unless I let you know diff.n