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        Sept. 29, 44
Dear Mother and all,
Well it seems that I start every letter out with an explanation of why I haven't written. Well here it comes, first of all when you don't rec'd any mail from me you can just guess I'm having a good time or busy. And I've been having a hell of a good time. Since I've been out of bed and able I've been going on passes and running around. I went to Oxford three or four times to dances and movies. The other day one of the boys and I went canoeing in the Thames in Oxford. In the afternoon at the hospital I'd slip over to a near by farm and drive tractor. Helped haul in wheat plowed with a three bottom gang plow, and run a disc. I could have written most any time up until about a week ago when I left the hospital, since then I've been on the move and rather busy. As far as your writing is concerned, there's just no words to express my appreciation of them, it's just like love or something, just hard to explain. My mail is coming though just fine, I rec'd your letter of Aug. 31st about a week and a half ago. The candied dates and peanuts came day before yesterday, do you want to spoil me with all that rich candy. So far I have rec'd the candy with the Echo, the chocolate fudge and the peanuts & dates. Of course I got those others you sent last spring long ago. I rec'd a letter from Alma Whitaker the other day, was I surprised? Well not very, you could have knocked me over with a 155" or tank or even a ton of bricks. Oh by the way I've got back my two hundred pounds again I don't think I lost more that fifteen or twenty lbs anyway. Don't get excited or jump to conclusion about those dog tags. I picked them up because they are one of my good buddies. He was hit, I think he's back home now. That is a tool kit for a Gerry machine gun. Instead of an Ammo bag. I know how Buck feels, but he certainly hasn't lost anything & he's probably still in the states.
I suppose Fred is able to wear my suit, well for heaven sakes let him wear it out. I hope he likes high school. Fred, you want to learn all you can, It'll come in so darned handy. Take lots of Math and science. There's so much you can learn if you just study. I wish I could start in as a freshman again, knowing what I know now. You can't go to college if you don't study in High School.
I certainly can't understand why you need a new chicken house, that one has only lasted fifteen years. What's more it would be diff if the roof leaked or something "Har, Har." Well I've almost run out of gab. You quit worrying about sending me packages.
       I remain as ever,      With Love      Dean
P.S. I rec'd Louise's announcement I'll write her someday too.
Here is what I just thought of to do with the present cellar wall & put a new house on it. (drawing in letter) Now then put a house over all of that and then ought to be almost enough room to turn around in. Oh well! It don't take anything to dream. And boy! Let me tell you pop, I'm going to have every kind of a tool in that shop that you can think of.
P.P.S. From now on use my old company address because by the time I receive your ans. I'll no doubt be back with my outfit. Co. C, 60th APO #9
Dear Ernest, 
( Sept 29)
Well I'll just have to write you a letter I guess. You want to be good and study hard and help Mother and Dad. Some one of these days I'll pop up around there. I'm going to buy a motorcycle then you and Fred and me can have a lot of fun riding around the country. We'll have a lot of fun going hunting too. Maybe I can buy a jeep or a tractor and you'll be able to do the plowing and skid logs and haul hay and good many things.
I can tell you all about the things I done since I've been away. After I learn to fly I'll teach Fred and you to fly and Dad too if he wants to. I'll bet Gretchen would even like to fly then too. Well I guess I'll have to stop right here.
       Your Buddy,