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        Sept. 5, 44
Dear Mom & all,
Rec'd a letter from Gerald and your letter of Aug. 24th today. They sewed up my wound about two weeks ago and it just dried up the other day so it'll be two weeks or a month before I'll be going back to the outfit. If I get back to France or Germany or where ever, I'll try to pick up some things. I did pick up a pair of field glasses the day before I got hit that I still have with me. I could have got me a pistol too only I wasn't giving a damn for no pistol or no nothing. I had my .45 Automatic and M1 and wasn't looking for something more to carry. That is a tool kit for a Gerry machine gun instead of ammo. Bag. Those tags are a Buddy's that got hit.
My Billfold is good as new, I put a new leather binding on it while I've been here. Do you remember the pair of leather gloves I asked for? Maybe you never got that letter. I want a pair of good tough leather gloves not a pair of work gloves but something snug and dressy, something that I could operate a rifle with. You have noticed those gloves the cowboys in the movies wear, well that is just about the thing. I think Dad would have a pretty good idea. The color doesn't matter but brown or skin color if possible.
It doesn't surprise me a bit about dad's heart. But now of course he'll take it easy like he ought to. Blah DAMM IT. If I were back there someone would just get one hell of a bawling out namely a guy name of "
Louie." It makes me so dammed mad. Not excusing Mother either. "Yeah Yeah," !! I know, there's those things that have got to be done but you don't need to try and win this war yourself. Now, that's how I feel. I've got a little idea of what goes on around there even if I haven't been around in five or six years. Dad and I are going to take about a two week camping trip when I get back, see?
I guess Fred is pretty lucky at that, Dean never done that! Not that I never came mighty close to it though. If the frame of my old bike wasn't bent in the accident don't get rid of it. I liked that frame and when I get back I may put new wheels, seat, fenders etc. on it. Well I think I'll go over to the red cross to the movie so I'll sign off. I haven't paid anything for anything I have gotten there yet. They even give you free rations if you are broke.
       As ever
P.S. Take note of my address it is changed from 4143 to 4145. I was only at that first Hosp. A week. Tell Grace I ans. Her letter in case she didn't get it.