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      Sept. 2, 44
Dearest Mom and All,
Well 'tis eight-bells and all is well. I went to a tea party on Thurs. thru the red cross. Little Joe and I and another guy were out at a big farm, two of the other boys went to a church and so on, etc. They were hauling in wheat so I went down in the field and loaded from on side of the wagon while two girls loaded from the other side. When we got it loaded it was pretty high & I was the only one that could throw the sheaves up. They stack the grain out side and thresh it during the winter and in the spring. We came back up to the stacks and I got up on a load and help two other girls throw it off into an elevator. There was three old men, about eight girls and another young fellow. (Boy! Would I like to work on that farm). Well anyhow when I came back the box of chocolate candy & peanuts were on my bed all the boys said the candy was good but the maple walnut was better I thought. Yesterday I went over to a nearby farm here and drove a horse with a big rubber tired two wheeled cart about half a mile down through the field. I came back up through a woods and found the blackberries were getting ripe in a patch I've known of for the last couple weeks. They taste like dew berries, kind o' sour. I got a letter from Jack Way, it was sure a surprise. I've got a pass to Oxford tomorrow. I'm going to try and see London this time if I can get a pass.
Back in April when we were out on bivouac in Devin County we stayed in a farmer's field about a week and helped the boy haul wood and cow feed. One morning I harrowed seven acres of peas with a Fordson while he set on the back end and sowed the peas. Next day helped him disk & roll another piece of ground. (More Fun!)
       Sun., 1100 HRS
I just came in from church and I finish this before dinner or it probably would get finished until tomorrow. They are certainly moving over there, guess I won't be seeing anymore fireworks. Just as soon as its over with then I want to bet back with the outfit. I might be back home by May or June but you never can tell. I also go a letter from Margaret Ruth & Louise. Well I don't know what to say now anyhow. I'll write again someday.
       As ever,