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        Aug. 26, 44
Dear Mom & All,
Well most of my mail must be pretty well caught up. I've rec'd seven letters from July 3, to Aug. 14th Postmarked. I used those in the last three days. I got the one mailed on June 21st on the 8th of July. Don't send my watch, it's too easy to loose it over here. I fixed up an old watch, that one of the boys had, and put a crystal and hands & strap on it. I wore it around over there in France until one night we moved into a field about one o'clock there was a lot of lead flying around and the fellows up in the other end of the field were having it out with pineapples (
American hand grenades) and tater mashers (German hand grenades) . I think it was about one thirty when I looked at my watch and rolled up with little Joe. He's a pretty good Buddy of mine, next day a mortar got him in leg he's still in the hospital here. Anyway about three o'clock we got up to go on out past and I had lost my watch and that was the last I saw of it.
We'll get Physical Training before we go back to France or where ever we go. Yes, many a time over there I have dreamed of being home then a shell lands close by and you're back in dear old France or else you get awake with the side of a slit trench staring you in the face. A fellow just goes along over dreaming of the future it's about the best thing you can think of.
         Aug. 27
Maybe I'll help you and Dad celebrate your Honeymoon, I'll probably be breaking my own neck along about that time. I intend to do a lot of traveling after the war, Glendale, Colo. For one place, Texas, Cal., Wash., Ore., and go up to see Elsie.     Aug. 28
Boy! This is some letter, I guess. Maybe I can finish it tonight. I have so many things I want to say but I have a heck of a time putting it on paper. I suppose that cocoa nut would go pretty good in some candy but you don't need to send me the chicken, I had chicken for dinner and we have it two or three times a week. Maynard or Jim Bowers like to have some chicken thou I think. I got a letter from Jim Bowers the other day, he is in France now too. Don't send me a lot of foodstuffs unless I ask for them unless you know its something I want or need. You may send me candy cookies, peanuts and things like that, we get good food here in Eng. And if we need fresh meat in France we knock a beef on the horns. They have good rations in France too if they're back with the kitchen. I get enough sugars and everything else I need as far as that goes. Some day pretend you're going to get a great big package ready for me, one that would take about a day to get ready, then just go and take the day off and consider that a present from me. The whole bunch of you make me so DAMMED mad, if you & Dad and Grace and a few more of you don't quit trying to win this dammed war by yourselves you aren't going to be around to enjoy the peace. I'll close this now and give you another lecture in a couple days.
      As ever,
P.S. We just had a grand argument on who had the best outfit, of course the ("Ninth Div.") is the best. Next to a letter they do more for my moral than anything we have to have a good hot one before we can go to sleep at night and two or three in the day.