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July 28, 43
Dear Mother,
I want you and Dad to sign this application, and send it back as soon as possible. I am going to try the cadet test again, I don't know what for.
Things haven't been so hot here lately and most all we do is go in to the nearby woods and sit on the ground and listen to lectures, that isn't so bad.
You asked about the boys down here from home. There is five of us, John Irwin, ___ _______(
permission denied to use one name), Joe Harcarufka and Jack Strickland. There is also a lot of the boys here that are from our own reception center.
I probably won't get anything out of this test but it is worth a try.
As ever,
P.S. I wrote Wesly, Buck, Allen, Shirley and Louise, doing pretty good huh?

        Aug. 2, 43
Dear Folks,
Well since I didn't get your letters answered and Louise is home I'll answer them both in one crack. I wish I could have answered them but you don't always feel like writing. We haven't been doing anything much diff than we have been. I put my name in for paratroopers, so I may end up as a paratrooper.
I went to fill the date the other night and she had gone on in to town so I haven't bothered to go back. Don't worry about me gals is the least that is on my mind. Of course they have a lot of nice girls down here but they also have some that aren't so nice. I'd sooner have a dammed yankee anyway.
I run around with the fellows from back home a lot, when I run. I was out to Beany last sun., he is about fourty miles from camp. Got a card from Betty. I sent a picture & a card to Allen. I am going to send a couple of pictures and some money Fri or Sat.. I've decided to get a cheap watch. Anywhere from $14 to $24, with luminous dials and etc. You know what I want. If you are sending an order go ahead and send for the watch and the money will be along in a few days.
It's only 9:00 but I'm just lazy enough that I'm going to bed. I got a box of stationary from Allie. I got the apples but the brittle ran all over them. Where did you get those apples. I don't remember of having any apples like that. (
You can bake about four doz. Raisin filled cookies and send) down if you want to. What is Bruce H. doing now. Well I guess I'd better fall out now.
       Love to all,