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        Aug. 23, 44
Dear Grace,
I rec'd your most welcome letter the other day and it certainly did me a lot of good. I'm in a hospital out in the country and it's just beautiful around here. We're out of reach of robot's (
V1 rockets) fairly well and everything is peaceful. It's hard to imagine being back here sleeping in a bed and under a dry roof.
I suppose things are running along pretty much in the same old groove, they don't change much. Over here everybody's harping about seeing the end of the war, they've got a darn sight better pair of eyes than I. Although I don't give it more than two or three months. The news does sound pretty good.
I can't think of much to talk about, Give my best wishes to Uncle Will and Aunt Ruth I hope they're getting along alright. I often remember the hikes Will and I used to take. Ask him if he remembers the ride I gave him on the jeep over from Charlie's place. Before he crawled on he asked if I was sure it wouldn't fall apart. I suppose Fred often disturbs your peace with it in a mad race down the road. I know I certainly had a lot of fun ripping it around there.
I often dream of the day I can be back there with a big car out driving along with the dear ones. It's a good way to spend a lot of time you might be thinking about something else. Oh! By the way I'm getting along just fine I'll be out and around in a couple more weeks. This pen just went
Haywire as you can see. It's just about time for lights out. I got eight letters today so I'll be busy writing for a couple days.
       As ever
P.S. How's the old chev. Running Judge?
I got me another pen, borrowed rather, I found my pen in a Jerry fox hole. It's one of those Inkograph pens with a glass point and it just cracked up on me this evening. I hope you can make out my writing. It's just about as good as Jim's. Remember when Jim and I used to run those hills and go swimming and eat green apples some fun