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Aug. 21,
Dear Gretchen,     
Well you have written two or three letters so I guess it' about time for me to write you one. That sure a nice pair of Britches you have on in that picture. You are going to fool around and grow up yet if you keep it up. I suppose you'd pretty busy keeping those kittens out of mischief and helping Mother.
I don't think I got that #*&##* that shot me but I was shooting a lot of lead out there so maybe I got one I don't know. Well I don't know what to say anymore so I guess I'll have to close. Daddy and I are just alike when it comes to writing letters, here comes my dinner anyway. I'm going to write Mother a line with this too after dinner.

Aug. 21, 44
Dearest Mother,     
Well everything is still doing fine over here, there isn't anything to say, just "Hello." I got Grace's letter with yours that was sent on the fifth also one from Betty, she's in Florida now and one from Buck, he's in Texas. Tell Luther I said "Howdy-do" whenever you see him next time. Give my regards to Daisy and Ed.
Well I must close now and get in bed before I get into trouble they sowed me up the other day and I'm supposed to stay in bed but I was out running around this afternoon and got bawled out by the Dock.
      As ever with Love
P.S.  I got first letters in almost six weeks, so now it'll give me someone to write to.