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      A.M. 10:30 Sun., July 30, 44
Dear Mom and all,
Well I suppose the sun is shining nicely with a cool breeze coming through the basement. I can see you getting dinner with Gretchen handy, with a finger in the bowl, Dad up in the barn mending feed bags or out fixing a hole in the fence. There goes Fred tearing by on the jeep with Ernest a hanging on for dear-life, my! my!! what a clatter. If I was back there now, I'd be out running around in the woods with the "22" at port (?) arms.
I intended the money sent to be put in a savings account in the bank. I want about $500 worth in bonds so leave the $100 in the bank and buy the bonds with the $25 monthly check, in the meantime I'll probably send some more through the mail, being there isn't much to spend it on over here. I didn't spend one single Franc in France. I'm sending 15 Francs with this letter worth about $.30. I can't understand what Louise does with all that money especially when she was used to only getting a couple dollars a week. The Dried Beef & Peanuts came when we were still in that rest area, the night before we pulled out for our last spat, that is when I got hit, later on. The cookies haven't shown up yet. Later on if I can get a pass and find a place I intend to get my picture tooken. By the way I guess Dad's birthday is on the 4th of August or sometime there abouts so I'll wish him a happy birthday now, and many more to come. On July the twelfth my sqd ldr. Came up to the jerrie duggout where a buddy and I had put in a restful nights sleep and hit the ground about a yard from the front as an artillery shell whizzed over then jumped the rest of the way in and handed me a letter from Louise. We sat there a minute and we talked, a couple more shells went over so he made a dash for his hole, half hour or so later we started moving up again. Well maybe I'd better turn this thing off and go get some chow. Will write again soon.
      I remain as ever
      With Love