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        July 3, 44
Dearest Mother & All,
I guess today is Monday, that's what they say. Last year at this time I was digging out a swimming pool at New Cumberland, now I'm digging fox holes in France. I'm alright except for a cut up fist that I stuck through a couple window glasses, nothing serious but you know how I am, not happy unless I'm carrying a cut around. There isn't much I can say just that I'm alright. We're back in a rest area right now so we have a chance to clean up a little and do some writing so I may write you again in a day or so. I rec'd the pliers and cookies back in Eng. The cookies kept fine! You can send me caramels and peanuts in you next package. The Echo and dried beef haven't arrived yet, should be along any time now though.
I suppose you have rec'd my watch by now also the $100 I sent the last of May. Unless you or Louise need it also the $25 allotment that should come through in a month or so, put it in the bank in your name. I haven't decided to buy bonds, I may put it in the Gov. finance its nearly the same thing. France is some place phooey. Give me U.S. A.
Until again I remain as ever, With Love, Dean

       July 5, 44
Darling Mother and Family,
Well again I sit down to write a line. I suppose you are a bit surprised to be receiving another letter so soon but I rec'd the Echo and candy yesterday also your letter of the 21st. So you see the mail is coming through fairly well. I wrote Louise yesterday also and told her how good the candy was, it certainly is delicious. The sun has just set, I'm lying out here on the sod beside my pup tent. With two blankets laid over my helmet, using my Echo for a writing pad. I'm using my helmet & blankets for a head rest you see. On the other side of the hedge is a radio playing, someone is singing "Billy Boy." How are the natys (flies) over there they are doing ok over here and I don't mean they are starving.
When I write a letter it is to the family, just as the letters you write are from the whole family. Being how Dad nor I neither have a gift for writing I think we sort of understand each other, so he can say a word for you to write once in a while and I reckon that will sort of take the place of a letter. I'll be a coming back one of these yere days and we'll have a big long talk. I haven't decided what to do about buying bonds I may put it in the soldiers finance. Tell Fred to keep up his good work and I suppose Ernest and Gretchen work like little buggers too. Well its getting dark so I'll say Goodnight for a day or so.
      As Ever I remain,
      With Love   Dean
P.S. Seeing these pictures in the Echo certainly takes a guy back. It is the next thing to a trip home, or a letter. (They're now singing East side west side on the radio.) I saw Mickey Rooney in "Blonde Trouble" this afternoon the radio and movies sure help occupy a guy's mind.