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        June 3, 44  England
Dear Fred,
Here it is June already, would you think it? I suppose you've been out of school the last couple weeks. How did you make out on your eighth grade exam. You'll be going to high school next year no doubt and meeting a lot of girls. Now its all right to like them, but don't go getting any screwed up twisted ideas about any certain ones. Four years from now you'll be graduating and you won't have to come to the army (I hope) so you can go ahead and go to college or learn to fly or whatever you may want to do if you're not mixed up with some girl. Don't get me wrong now, I want to see you go out and have a good time but what I mean is don't get serious about any of them for a long time yet. You're to young to be running around with the females yet anyway.
How are the Boy Scouts getting along or aren't they started yet. I see some of the English Scouts once in a while. Over here in England is where the Boy Scouts started. I had a lot of fun when I was in the scouts but I didn't go far enough.
How is the old jeep and truck working? Louise said you had a little excitement with it down the hill when the brakes wouldn't work. I wouldn't try to adjust them anymore you'd better get new ones, it'll only cost a couple dollars and pay you in the long run. They were getting bad when I was still home and I had some close calls so I don't imagine they have gotten any better.
I'm just as good as can be so don't you worry and keep that farm going. I'll sign off here I want to say a few words to mother.   
       As ever, Dean
Dearest Mother,
Everything is going well with me hoping this finds the same with you. In these times I won't know from time to time when I can write again so don't be disturbed if my mail doesn't come through too well. I'm sending you $100 so if Louise or yourself don't need it put it in the Bank. I took out a $25 allotment so put it in the bank also unless someone needs it. I'll try to write Gretchen an Ernest someday but I couldn't say when. Well I guess that's about all for now.
      As ever, you're Loving Son     Dean
P.S. I was just made P.F.C. ("Har Har")

        June 25, 44
Dearest Mother and all,     France
Well it's been nearly a month since I've done any writing. I haven't much had any chance to do any writing so this will just be line to let you know I'm all right. What I've seen in the mean time would just about fill a book, you know we didn't come over here to fool around and we sure haven't been. I received your most welcome letters of June 1st and 8th about a week apart. I changed drawers yesterday and not because I was scared but because I had only worn them a month. I took my last bath about the first of June and my clothes are so dirty they would climb over one of these dammed hedgerows all by themselves. I received the pliers (?) and cookies. They kept just fine so send some more if you want. The Echo has not yet arrived but I'm hopefully waiting. I may be home in a couple months but maybe not for a year and a couple months, so you'll see me when I get there. I'm glad to hear the boys are working good. You see you should have bought me a truck and look at the extra work I would have done. Well I'd better close and I'll write again soon if I can.
      Give my love to all, as ever