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May 28, 44
Dearest Mother and Family,
I rec'd your package with the pliers in and everything was just fine. The pliers are about two inches longer than the pair I got over here so Ill put them away for future use.
I don't suppose things do change much over there, I know I was certainly bored with things while I was still home. And, by der vay just because I didn't write last month you shouldn't get excited, I guess it's just natural thou. Even when we move it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with my writing. As I said when I was home it may be a month or two between my letters at times but that doesn't say a thing either. If anything should happen to me, which isn't very likely, A telegram would reach you before my last letters would anyway so you see my writing doesn't mean anything my being busy or lazy. I think I'm alright I don't know but I must be or I wouldn't be gaining four or five pounds a month. I guess I told you I've got two hundred of the two hundred and twenty five Grand Dad predicted. I haven't forgotten the kids letters either and I surely appreciated them. I know I haven't ans'd but will sometime those things are hard to understand.
I never was much for picking up a lot of souvenirs although I do have a couple of odds and ends. A knife and a belt for instance. Don't send my watch back unless I ask for it, Louise needs it worse than I. If she needs money don't hesitate to tell me. Those two boys from Clearfield are Francis Liegley and Chester Maines. Thanks ever so much for the packages, I've rec'd the first one and the one with the pliers.
I don't think you'll have to worry about Fred just explain things to him and let him go to the dances and movies when he gets a chance. That's the trouble most young kids, they are too ignorant about things concerning girls and visa-versa.
Well I started this about 30 min. ago but now it's the 29th since three min. ago so I'd better sign off now. I had K.P. yesterday, the 28th I mean, "Oh Boy!" I've ran out of Gab so I'll quit I guess I reckon.
       As ever
       Affectionately yours