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May 23, 44
Dear Mom,
Well here it is again and there isn't too much to say. I suppose all the kids are growing like weeks, I won't recognize him when I get back. I've gained a little also, I weigh just 200 pounds in my O.D. uniform. I think I'll have to have my picture taken over here. Everything is just fine over here, all we do is get harassed but that is to be expected. I had a 24 hr pass yesterday and got in at four o'clock this Morn. Another guy and I went to the town where his girl lives and we went dancing and to a show. I went out with one of her friends. One reason for my not writing is, they have you out on a problem for some time, then they bring you in and the first thing you (do) is hit for town. Then I keep putting things off so much. It's a hard job to locate anyone over here unless you just run into them.
That's the trouble with you, you're so afraid some one is going to give you something, you want to do all the giving yourself. A week ago Sun. was Mother's day, I thought of you. These birthdays and anniversary dates etc. I think of them but never say anything. I guess Ernest will be nine on the 30th, he'll fool around and grow up yet too.
The hems were all right, I ripped one but I fixed it. You folks know more about what's going on than we do so you'll all probably know where I'm going before I get there. You know what I said before I left so if you don't hear from me for quite a while sometimes it is nothing to get excited about, it's probably just that I was too lazy to write. Your mail has been coming through alright. You don't need to worry about me any the casualty rate was only about eight out of a thousand and I've got to come back and buy that plane anyway. I sent my watch and had it insured also a little gold watch chain for Dad if he wants it, if not give it to Fred. Well I'll say good nite now, for I heard tomorrow is a busy day.
       As ever
       Affectionately yours
P.S. I decided not to send that money order. But took out a $25 a month allotment starting with June's pay. I don't think I want bonds bought with it. I haven't bought another watch.
P.S.S. I don't need any paper or anything.