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        April 2, 44

Dear Fred,
Wal how's evr'a thin or'a thar. I shore war glad to git yore liter. I hain't had not a chance ter fight yet but be-gorsh thet's nota say'in I ain't a'gonna. If'in yo wait long enuff yore shore gonna git'er.
"(ERF)" "(ERF)"
If you remember the jeep was out of oil the last time I was home and I just bet you hadn't put any in since then. You know you've got to keep an eye on those things. Dad and you better take care of those trucks or I'll tend to both of yez' when I get back. Did Dad fix the steel bed so it would dump, it ought to work pretty slick that way. You'll fool around and I'll have to come over and haul out that pile myself. What was the tire for that you got from Woodie, the bike or the jeep?  You ought to see the crows over here, you could shore have a picnic. Sometimes they almost make a field black there's so many of them. I got some washing to do so I guess it's time for close.
Write again some time.     So Long,    Dean

       Easter Sun., April 9, 44
Dear Mom,
Well here it is Easter, your fruit & nut egg & peanuts came on Friday. The can was all beat up but the stuffs weren't hurt any. The peanuts are alright but I meant to send them in a vacuum packed can, something like coffee is put up.
Yes we are paid about twice that of the British Soldier and it does cause hard feelings so they are trying to get us to put half of our pay into savings then we won't have so much to spend.
My chances of not coming back are only about one in one hundred and I never was lucky in getting first chance so I expect to get back. I got the Xmas card & dollar about Feb. Also Buck's & Jim's photo. We get our ration every week, a bar of candy, a pack of gum and seven packs of cigarettes. I've been in the Army nearly a year now and still don't drink, smoke, or gamble, amazing isn't it. I had a couple letters from Louise but I suppose she's in Clfd by now so I'll right these. I guess her birthday was the 18th of Mar. but I never was much for birthdays. Your 22nd Anniv. Is on the 20th of this month. Burnie's was on the 29th & Gretchen's on the 8th but I thought of them and that was about all. I am sending 25 more dollars. Those wild (turkeys) must have been a sight I'd liked to have seen them. That rock slide doesn't surprise me any, I looked for that a long time ago. You can send me a good pair of pliers they c------  (this dammed pen) will come in mighty handy. Well I think I'll sign off now its time for close.
       Sincerely, Dean

I suppose Gretchen and Ernest are growing like weeds, I won't recognize them when I get back.