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        Mar. 17, 44

Dear Mom and Family,     England
Well I guess I'm writing my first letter by candle lite, we're having an air raid alert and all lights have to go out so we lit a candle. I haven't recd any mail since your letter last fri but we're going out on a seven day problem (?) and I may not be able to write. I probably will thou. I just came up from a G.I. movie, "Destroyer" down in the gym. They had a U.S.O. show down there the other day it was pretty good. My watch is working just fine and I bought a good heavy pocketknife with a big blade, screwdriver, can opener and leather punch. When Fred starts to high school next year I'' advise him to take music on a clarinet or cornet instead of a Base if he wants to get in the band. There is more music in a small horn and they aren't so hard to lug around. Well I guess that's about all for this time. I've got to get to bed. We've got about twenty mile to walk tomorrow. I'm ready to come home thou whenever they're ready to send me.
     As ever,

       Tue. Mar. 28, 44
Dear Mom, and Family,
Your letter of Mar. 8, came in today, the first since the tenth of March. Things are going well here, there isn't much change running around the country on problems in the day time and going to a movie or dance at night if I don't stay in and write. I think I'll take a course in machine shop work or mechanics when I get back, but I'll still learn to fly someday. The weather is getting very nice now and the sun is beginning to shine a lot of the time now.
You were right about Peggy but I hadn't said much to her about it before I left. I figured she would understand thou. I would like to have a '44 Echo, especially if it has my picture in it "arf arf" It'll have a lot of things I'd like to see. I didn't drop my insurance. I think my other requests will take care of the nuts and candy. I had a letter from Marion and Allen last week. I've had two letters from Louise and ans. Them, I have one of her pictures. I suppose she'll be glad to get back to Clfld. There is a Leigey and a Maines over here that are from Clfd. Leigey used to buddy with Ken and I guess he knows Louise. I rec'd Bucky's Photo and I'll send you Chester's address in my next letter.
Well I suppose Gretchen and Ernest are just as bad as ever, you want to use a big board on them lots so they'll grow good. I'd better close now and I'll write again on Sun.
       As ever

P.S. Churchill and Eisenhower reviewed us the other day and Churchill gave a little talk.