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        Mar. 5, 44
Dear Mom and Family,
Well here t'is Sunday again. I'm on guard duty today. We stand twenty-four hour guard here two hr. on four off. I've got a date tomorrow night if I can get a pass. I think we'll go to "The Adventures of Robin Hood" I saw it back there two or three years ago but Joan would like to see it and I'd like to see it again. I wrote to Jim so he probably has my address by now. I've got my knife but don't like the sheath I made so I'm still using the metal one. We've been getting shots since we came in and will get them until we get out. They told us back at Wheeler we would be made Pfc. When we got over here but I haven't seen it yet. It makes about $2.50 diff. In the pay is about all. I've gotten a letter from Allen and ans. It. I think I asked for Maynard's address. Allen said Steve Stricek was over here somewhere. This isn't too big a place and if we only knew it there's probably a number I know within fifty or a hundred miles of me. Your mail is coming through alright and in about ten days. Will write again when your next letter comes.
        As ever,      Dean

        Mar. 10, 44
Dear Mom, and Family,
Rec'd your letter, came in today, your mail has been coming thru in ten or eleven days. I'm ok, nothing's happening over here except an air raid alert once in a while, nothing ever gets over this far thou, the've got pretty good defenses. Rec'd the license and the card with the dollar. It certainly is a good photo of Jim, He's looking fine and I guess he is getting fed. Also had a letter from Louise yesterday with one of her photos in it. I think she took a good picture too. I understand how it is with Dad about the writing, I'm the same way only I have to or I don't get any. He can put a little P.S. in your letter once in a while so I'll know he's still around. I've got Beany's address haven't wrote him yet thou.
I know, Shirley is a very sweet girl. She's got a lot of good sense also. But I kind of forgot about her. Elsie Casher is another cute one. The girls are just about the same as back there there's a lot of nice ones then a lot of the other kind. Well I've got to write Louise yet & its 10:00 so I'll close, may have something to write next time.
       As ever,