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        Feb. 27, 44
Dear Mom and Folks,
Rec'd your v. mail of the 14th last evening but they hadn't photographed it because you had written over the border. This is some of that paper you sent to me at Wheeler. I'd just as soon have a letter as a card or valentine. I wouldn't know Jim Kramer if I did see him and I don't think he would car to see me. I saw Warren at the Clfd. Game when I was home so he must have came in my same convoy. I haven't a photo of Buck so I'd be glad to get one. I gave Allen one standing so when he comes home you can trade him a good one for it, I'd kind of like to have the old one anyhow. Well I had my furlough, now I'm over here. Allen has one coming and knows something worthwhile, what the hell do I have, a "
Rifle." I think he is pretty dammed lucky. Beany was classified a pilot - lucky boy. I'm not griping, just stating facts but I sure envy Allen. I don't think he ought to go and break his neck, but if he loves the girl maybe that's the thing to do.
I've a date with Joan this afternoon if the weather isn't bad I think we'll go for a stroll if not probably the movie. I found out her pop is a colonel and her boy friend in N. Africa is an officer in the A.A. We are just sort of keeping each other company. Fred you want to take care of that old jeep, if some little thing breaks right then is when you want to fix it or pretty soon it'll be a heck of a thing. Tell the kids not to be afraid to study, they'll be glad they did some day. I guess I've preached enough so I remain
As ever,

Mar. 1, 44
Dear Mom & Family,
Your letter came today and we got paid so I'll write you a line and get rid of some of this hot cash. I'm sending fifty this month and either twenty five or forty five more next Mo. So just hold this fifty till I send some more. It'll either be enough to buy another $100 bond or $25 and a $100 bond. You couldn't expect Dad to buy as many bonds as I do, after all I haven't a family. You don't need to worry about me having enough spending money, and I don't know how to play poker if I did want to. What I send next time will depend on what I spend this month.
We get our regular candy ration here, a pack of gum, one bar of candy and a package of cookies. I'll bet it's more than what the kids are getting. Tobacco is also rationed. I give mine to the other boys. The dried beef would be alright to chip at but don't bother to send any. Of course if you have any candy laying around you don't know what to do with just send it over here and we'll make short work of it. If you send those nuts I asked for peanut or otherwise, be sure they are in an air tight container so they won't get tough.
I knew that Jim had seen combat by his letters. My bunch has seen plenty of action and are just taking a rest here while we're waiting for the fire works to start. You aren't supposed to know when I left, but I spent New Years on the boat. I hope Fred does join the scouts he can learn a lot of good things and it's a lot of fun.
      As ever,
P.S. Glad to hear Dad got Ins. For the truck. Rec'd the License. What's the diff whether I'm over here or over there in a camp in the south or west somewhere. I'd only get home every six or eight months anyway. Well I had K.P. today so I "tink" I'll pull off to mine bed.