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       Mon. - Feb. 14, 44
Dear Pop,
Well I guess there isn't a whole lot to say but I figured I'd let you know I'm still kicking around over here and thinking about you. Nothing's happening over here, we get an air raid alert once in a while but nothing ever gets this far anymore. I suppose things are pretty cold back there right now in the dead of winter. The last week here has been rather dry and it's been a little colder but has warmed up since last evening. I met me a female friend and we go to the show (flicks) or take in a dance, once in a while, it helps take your mind off things. She
ain't hard to look at and as far as I know she's very nice. I met her at a dance and just gave her a straight line on myself instead of a highpowered snow job and a lot of flattery mush-mush and she took a liking to me right there. We have lots of fun arguing about U.S. and England. It's hard to pick up a decent girl here anymore, most of the nice ones are pretty well taken. There's nothing like a woman to keep a man happy, unless it's an airplane, Eh Wot? By the way tell Margaret Ruth the name of the make of your 30.30 I think she wants to know. Tell her I'm going to write her someday when the notion strikes.
We fired the Browning Auto. Rifle last week it was the first time I fired it. We're going to fire the Gerand again this week. I suppose you heard the prediction of the war being over by Easter, well I hope so. I haven't rec'd but one letter since got here so I suppose the other will come rolling in pretty soon. Well I'll have to go blitz - up a little now I've got a date Joan tonight and it's time for retreat so I'll sign off here.
       I remain,     Dean
P.S. Louise's letter of the 29 Nov. just came in but I don't have her address so I can't quite answer it. I wouldn't try to buy a tractor now, a jeep would run rings around it. Of course you couldn't get one until after war. You just hang onto the wheel over there we'll take care of this end of the deal.

        Feb. 23, 44
Dear Mom,       England
Well I rec'd your xmas card and other letters last week and they explained a lot of things. MacD(?) wasn't open that afternoon I was home. You can send me a big can of salted peanuts, those large kind get them in a can or jar if possible, something air tight so they will stay fresh. You might as well send some candy, etc. while you're at it. You can figure what you have of my account and I'll send the bal. To buy a bond. I don't think I make another bond allotment but just send the money home and you can buy the bonds. I guess maybe you took the wrong meaning from some of my letters, its not what we write so much its just hearing from one another. I'm just too lazy to write and I'd sooner be out running around sometimes. I wrote Louise yesterday. I don't suppose you could meet the mailman. It took you Vmail of the 6th ten days to get here. I had a letter from Peggy and answered it. Well I guess I'd better terminate this and go down to see what's on at the show. I know how it is you can't always express your feelings just as you like to. Nothing is happening over here either.
I remain as ever, Dean