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Jan. 30, 44 
Dear Folks,     
Well things are running along in the same old groove. We usually take a ten mile hike in the morning, then we have lectures or games in the afternoon. I decided to heck with boxing, the first morning we ran four miles, that's not why I quit. I've just lost interest in it. The sun if shining brightly and the sky is almost clear. We have a radio here we get it one day a week. There's a fellow singing all those mother goose rimes, seems kind of funny. It's the first place we've had a radio yet. They have a couple theaters here in town and a dance every night, but I haven't broke my mind to get out yet.
As ever, Love, Dean

        Feb. 7, 44
Dear Mom and Family,
Received your letter dated Jan. 4, on wed., but had just wrote on Sun. so I didn't ans. Right away. I suppose you have received most of my other mail by now.
You don't need to think any strike is going to worry me, I suppose the working man is supposed to sit back and take all the S--T while the big business stuffs his pockets. You don't need to send me any pictures of myself, but I haven't of Louise except that small one with the rest of us even at that I wouldn't want anything bigger than 2"x3". McD. wasn't open that afternoon, that I got it taken. You can send me one of Jim's pictures and him one of mine, I intend to write him.
Your letter on the 4th is the only one I've had since I left. I came over in a big convoy and would not know anything about those two ships mooks was on. The fire may have been sabotage but I think he was reading too much cap.
(Captain) Easy. As far as A.W.O.L. goes if I knew what I know now I'd have been home for Xmas.
You don't need to worry the sparks are going to start to fly and things are going to pop. And this war is going to be over. If I don't come through it, what the hell is the diff. You just won't get anymore letters. I can't decide what to do after the war though, I guess dad and I will have to go into the farming business. I'm still going to have me that plane.
You'll find enclosed a $75.00 money order. I want a $100.00 W. Bond bought through Mr. Brigg's home room and tell him it is in memory of my old home room and teacher.
Our company is having a dance tonight so I guess I'll sign off until next week. They've got nice theaters and YMCA where they have dances most every night. I don't need to worry about finding something to do. Well till the next time.
        As ever  Love    Dean
On Dean's letter, from Grammy to Mr. Briggs:
Mr. Briggs, we rec'd this today. Dean must have tho't the money would get here in time for the 4th drive. Please take care of this for Dean S. Hauck & make Louis H. Hauck the co-owner. You can tell Fred if you leave it at the Post Office or shall we come to your house. If you can't get this money order cashed Give it to Frederic & we will take care of it tomorrow P.M.
     (Thank you) Mrs. Louis Hauck