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Jan. 10, 44 (England)
Dear Mom and Family,     
Well here I am trying to write a letter and I can't put it down not because of the censor but I'm just like dad, trouble writing what I'm thinking. Anyhow we have about three thousand miles of water between us, I'm somewhere in England so I won't come home on a three-day pass. It was quite a trip, I was seasick a day or so but got over it. I laid around so much, nothing to do. I just realized what a wonderful feeling it is to be tired. You can send this to Louise and she can send me her address. I want you to keep track of the dates on these next couple letters I'm going to send them regular air mail and ordinary mail, I want to see which comes through the quickest.
Well what I have seen of England so far has given me a pretty good impression, we are about a mile & a half in the country from a small town. The country is pretty in the winter it must be beautiful in the summer. Now it is just like spring with a pretty field of winter wheat and a bunch of Hereford steers beside it, that's behind the camp. It makes a guy feel at home. I haven't been hungry yet and the food is good so you don't need to worry about you dear little Dean. Uncle Sam will look after his men. If I get hungry I'll find a piece of bark or a steer hide to chew on. "ARF ARF."
       I remain as ever,   With Love    Dean

        Jan 23, 1944
Dear Mom, and Pop, and Family,    England
Well I'm kind of wondering what's going on, back there, it's only been a month since I've heard from anyone. When your moving around from place to place it takes a long time for you mail to catch up. As you see I have moved again and am now with an outfit but I'm going to take a swing at boxing so I don't know where that will take me. We're living in big brick barracks, it seems to good to be so even if it is a bit crowded. They aren't too warm but we have clothes and lots of good grub, a lot better than the last place we were in. I'm with a bunch that has seen combat and they're one swell bunch, if you're not lost in your own thoughts your laughing over someone else's. I don't think I could ask for a better place unless it was home we have to do our own washing and spent most of the day scrubbing up a lot of back washing. I haven't had any passes here yet but had one at the other camp and it sure makes a guy feel good to get out. These English are just about fifty years behind the times. A lot of their expressions mean almost the opp. Of ours, "Bum" is slang for your own bare bottom and "Bloody" is about the worst curse word you can say, so you've got to watch what you say. I'll try and write a little sooner the next time. The time flies.
Until then I remain as ever,