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Dec. 12, 43
Dear Mom, and Family,
Well I received your letter on Wed. or thurs. I might have wrote sooner but for diff. Reasons I put it off. We are up in the New England States but I can't tell you where and as usual we don't know when or where we are going. We have two day passes coming up so maybe I can get to see Buck He is going to cadet school at Northfields Vermont you know. Don't let that give you any ideas as to where I am, you can go quite aways in two days.
We haven't been doing anything except detail and going for walks (10 mi.) just to pass the time away. There is theater P.X.s and service clubs to go to. There is a dance the service clubs every night and I go up to them when I feel like it. They have skating rinks in Towns around here that we can go to. All in all things aren't too bad. It's just this messing around that gets a guy if you had a regular job and knew what you were going to do next you get along a whole lot better. Well that's enough for now. I think I'll go skating this eve.
       As ever,
P.S. I'll write again in a couple of days. Dad can get me a box of those band aids and send me they'll come in handy.
What's the diff. If you don't know exactly where I am.

        Dec. 25, 43
Dear Mom, and Family,
Well I guess I should have written before this but I got here and got to feeling tough and last tues. I went to the hospital with the flue; I just got out this morning. It was nothing serious they just have to put you there to get you away from the other fellows. Last evening they came around and gave the men in the hospital a certificate worth $5.00 in trade at the P.X. I got Dad's letter last night it was a pretty nice present. Also rec'd Bernice's present and a card from Viola & Byron, you can thank them if I don't get to write them. We may be finally pulling out of here so I may not get all the writing done I want to. I suppose my letters will be like Jim's from now on. Whats the diff. If I don't write every week, I'll be going away for a couple of years maybe so don't be alarmed if I don't write for a month or two at a time. It may sound funny but its those letters that make me homesick as anything, for that reason I have sort of lost interest in writing.
I've always knew I had a good home and Mother and Dad but you don't appreciate them till you loose them so just tell the kids that that's the way it is. Just because they don't get an nickel every time they want it and can't go down the road every time they want to and have to do all those things they don't like, well that's the things that are going to make life not so hard when they grow up.
I got my sheath made, it's nothing fancy but it'll serve the purpose. I'm still going to buy that machine when I get out, I decided it was going to be blue and red trim. I'm going to get a big red Dodge truck about an eight ton, Oh well A guy can dream. Well I guess that's about all there is to say this time.
       As ever I remain,   Dean