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        Nov. 26, 43
Dear Mother and Family,
Once more I take my pen in hand sit down to write you a line or three. A good pen it is too - God knows it ought to be I only paid $5.50 for it. I bought an eversharp for $10.00 but it didn't suit me so I got this one.
I said in my other letter you may not hear from me for a while but we know now that we are leaving tonight so I will write now while I still can. You can still write to this address unless you receive a card with my new address on it. I had a letter from Jim and ans. it, also wrote to Allen and Buck. Tell Louise I got her letter but won't be able to answer it now.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we really had a big dinner, you know me I didn't eat
very much. There really isn't anything to write about but I figured I may as well write now because it's hard to tell when I can write again. We were paid a partial payment of $10.00 of our pay. I'll send you ten for my insurance and you can let me know how I stand when you write again. I sent my hand bag by express so it'll be coming through pretty soon. There's my shoes and underwear and pen and some other odds and ends. If some one needs a pair of shoes I guess they are worth $5.00 not to mention you don't need a stamp for them. If nobody wants them Fred can wear them pretty soon because they're a good pair of shoes. He can have that felt and billfold too if he wants them. I don't care what happens to the rest of that stuff. By the way I tore that one chain on the truck (jeep), tell Fred to get at and fix it. He'll have it then when he needs it that's the making of a mechanic. Fred if something goes wrong with it don't be afraid to tear it down and fix it that's the way you will learn. Did Dad get the generator fixed and what was the matter with it?
Well it's three o'clock and all I've got done is write at this and fool around the barracks, we have nothing to do this afternoon. At five o'clock we fall out in formation and we'll probably find out then what we're going to do. Well I guess I'll get some sleep we may be riding a train all night for all I know. So you write whenever you want to and I'll write whenever I can. Until you hear from me again I remain as ever,
        With Love
         Your son