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        Nov. 22, 43
Dear Mother and Family,
Well here is another day gone by, I suppose you have received my card by now but if you haven't I guess it doesn't matter. I suppose you found that tooth brush I bought, don't bother to send it I got me another. We have been going through the same old process of inspection, we're getting all new equipment and that means only one thing and the more I think of it the more I want to go. I had a letter from Jim Sun. noon and ans. It right away. He didn't say anything new, just about how I was getting along.
I bought a pen $5.50 I suppose I got hooked, it seems to be alright though. I'm going to send my shoes and some stuff home by express so you'll have it left at the station. Also got a pencil, flashlight, toothbrush and mirror. They paid us twenty one dollars today so I still have twenty six dollars left to do till the thirtieth, that was for transportation.
If it wasn't for writing I'd tell just to forget about me then someday I'd drop in on you and say hello. I know we're off for great adventures and that's what used to daydream about. The idea of moving always stirs me, it's when we get there that I don't like it and want to be on the move again. I'm just as free as the wind so I don't need to care where the hell we go. Anyway wherever I my go I'm coming back and buy me an airplane. Of course we don't know when we'll ship out of here so go ahead and write and it'll catch up with me. I don't know when I'll be able to write again so just forget about it and let it come because it may be two or three months, god knows you never can tell.
I'm happy, I guess it's the thought of slinging lead pretty soon.
       As ever
Say Hello to everybody. You almost spoiled me at home.