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Nov. 2, 43
Dear Mom, and Family,
Well we all got back alive and in better condition than what we were when we went out, even if we didn't feel it. We got in Sun. eve. About 7:00. Yesterday we had a physical exam and clothing inspection, today we have clothing inspection and we have the same thing the next two days. Don't write anymore we may be shipping anytime after Monday and they wouldn't get here in time. We're pretty sure of our furlough in a week or so but you can never tell so I'm not planning on anything. I'm saving my money though just in case. We were paid yesterday and with the money I saved $5.00 last Mo. I have thirty Five. Dollars. I had twelve and a half taken off for bond allotment, insurance & laundry were eight leaving me $29.00 in cold cash.
It sure felt good to get in that shower after eleven days crawling round in the sand, that just brought the first layer off. Well there isn't a whole lot to say right now so I'll close now and write again soon.
P.S.  I'm going to try and see Beany again before I leave, I'll find out then if Betty is coming back with me. It makes no diff. To me whether she comes back with me or not. Beany will be moving anyhow a week or so later.

Nov. 19, 43
Dear Folks,       
Well here I am at Fort Meade, I am well but not crazy about the place. It is nice enough a place we have barracks to sleep in and the country is more like home. We may be three days or a month here and of course we don't know where we'll be going. The meals are good, better than at Wheeler, they eat more like men. They got us up at midnight and gave us four dollars & some cents for something, it wasn't transportation fair. There isn't anything to say I guess there is a theater, PX, and reading rooms all handy where you can go after retreat. I guess I had too good a time when I was home now things are boring again. We had clothing shake down and will be issued all new clothes. All we were doing here is waiting for orders of mine here very long will go ahead with our training.
       As ever,