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        July 2, 43
Dear Folks,
Am fine except for the fact that my left arm feels as though it was hit with a brick. Still don't know what I am in or when I'll be shipped out. The grub is good if you aren't snoopy. I'll send word when I get to my new base whenever I get there. They make us take a bath every day. Well I think I will go to the movie. We just set in there four hours this afternoon.
       As ever,
I haven't any kick against the army yet.

      July 10, 43
Dear Mother & family,
We left Camp Cumberland Thursday morning about 8:30 and rode the train until about 3:00 Friday afternoon. When we finally got off that dirty train we were at Camp Wheeler Georgia. Camp Wheeler is about the center of the state I guess. When we got here we were assigned to our barracks and had chow and went to bed. This morning were classified and this afternoon we all went up to the barber shop and got those attractive G.I. hair cuts. They call them G.I., but you pay $.35 from your own pocket. The grub is good and so far there has been enough of it, but fellows that have been here say that there isn't always as much as you would like to have. They march you around like cattle but I guess that is the Army. I'm not kicking. I guess we start our training on Monday. I haven't gotten any great desire to write yet but maybe I will. Don't write until I get an address and a barracks no. and so on. In general I think things are alright, they are just as I expected. Anyhow I think I will live through it, the most of the fellows do.
       As ever,
P.S. Tell Fred not to run the Ford too hard. I'll probably be home in about three months, more or less. Our Basic training is Fourteen weeks. I don't know how soon this letter will get under way.