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        Oct. 24, 43
Dear Mom and Pop and Family,
I sits down wit my pen in hand under a Georgian pine to write youse a line and a half. I am all well but I wish I was better. There isn't may to say but I'll say it anyhow. Things are as good as they could be but that isn't any better than worse. I am not homesick any more but I wish I was closer apart. Phooy.
That's enough of that I guess. We are on our fourth day of our bivouac. And we have seven more. Tonight we're supposed to hike about seventeen miles to a new bivouac area. That will take about half the night so we'll get tomorrow off, to rest. I just found out I have to drive truck tomorrow and the sergeant said he would try and get me a ride over since I'll have to work. (He just called - finish later.)
       A.M. 8:30 Oct. 25
Well we went over to our new area and got to bed around ten, the rest of the boys didn't get in until three so they got the rest of the day off. Right now I'm back in camp waiting for a load of rations. I'm sitting in my truck with my knee as a desk so excuse the blotches and miss-prints. I've got a ton & half with a ton trailer and it keeps a guy on the ball when you're backing up to something.       P.M. 4:00
The work we do here on the bivouac is the same as we do in camp only we live in pup tents and eat out of our mess kits.
(Drawing of Dean in his tent) there is the way I sleep.
When you get up in the morning you are all kinked up and you'd appreciate a bed. I got me a heap of pine needles last night so it wasn't so bad. It rained last night and has been cloudy most of the day, its pretty cool right now. I believe we might get some more rain it's the first rain we've had in a month and things were awful dusty. There was a big fire that had burned bad about a week. The leaves are just starting to turn here and where there is oak and maple it just looks like home.
I didn't think I'd be able to write but we brought our writing along and I may get to write again. It's nice to hear from some one different for a change. Well I guess that is all till the next time.
       As Ever,