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        Oct. 19, 43
Dear Mother & family,
I am pretty sure of getting a furlough as long as things go as they should. We finish our cycle on the sixth of Nov. and will ship any time after that, we may get a furlough or we may get a delay en-route. That is they tell us our next post and give us five or six days more time than it takes to get there, that way we just the same as have a furlough only it won't be called that. The two week furlough was forgotten about. Some of the boys from back home will go the same time I do. As far as knowing definitely goes you can't tell. I don't think the General knows himself what he is going to do next so how the heck should I.
I'd like to get into the motor transport command, I can ask for it and that's all, if there is a place open then I might get it that's about the only way.
The cake came the Sun. before my birthday and I went out to see Beany that after noon and took a layer along. The boys here in my barracks said there was only one thing wrong with it, the next time bake a whole car load.
I was out to see Beany on Sun. again and Bettie arrived early Sun. morning. I guess they found her a place to stay. We looked around in the afternoon and a lady said she would have a place ready to look at about four o'clock but I left at three and I don't know how they made out. Chester wants Bettie to come back with me because he is shipping about a week after I leave.
I kissed Virginia good-bye last Sun night. She is every bit as nice as I thought she was and I was beginning to like her too well so I figured I had better quit going to see her.
We are going out on our ten day bivouac tomorrow night so I may not be able to write again for a couple weeks. If I don't write Louise ask her to excuse it. She can read the other letters, they all have the same thing in them. Well I guess that's about all I can say for now.
       Your Affectionate Son,

Fred, don't use the starter or lights when the generator isn't working because they're what use the juice. I am jeep driver for the Officer of the day, to-night. Sounds funny don't it.

I wrote this on the steps of Hgtrs. And it's pretty dark by now.