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      10:00 A.M. Oct. 14, 43
Dear Dad,
Well I got a pretty good job today. I am driving truck again for Battalion Headquarters and as long as I'm not out driving I can sit here in the recreation hall and listen to the radio, write or read etc. I've driven about twenty-five so far this morning. I took a mess Sgt. from A Co. Out to the field of operations with a lunch for some of the boys and he gave me a
whole quart of milk that wasn't needed. We only get a half-pint per man per day, that's for coffee and cereal both.
I've been driving truck or jeep since last thurs. except Fri and yesterday and I've felt more at home than I have since I came into the Army.
Forty Five dollars is a lot of money to put into a watch but I couldn't get one like I wanted for any less. You can't buy one for less than twenty. They have them as high as seventy and eighty dollars. As it is I only paid thirty for mine so you won't have to send any money. We'll be out on bivouac most of the time from now on so I won't be spending much. I'd be out now if they hadn't brought me back in last night to drive today. The rest of the battalion won't be back until Sat. afternoon, I'll probably go back out to night. We go out on a ten day bivouac on Wed. come in from that, stay in two days and go out for a three day tactical problems where we will eat rations, get one quart of water a day sleep in a fox hole then go on a forced march hiking twenty mile in five hours. That will finish up our cycle here.
I kind'a wish I was back there to help with the fall work but I'd get tired of that pretty soon. As far as I'm concerned after they give me a furlough I don't care where the hell they send me.
I don't know but I guess this is what I've been wanting, it will be quite an adventure. If I go over seas and come back I'll probably have enough money to buy (something) worth while.
Virginia is far from homely and she is really a nice girl. There is nothing serious between us and I'll probably forget about her when I leave here.
I don't know when I'll be able to write again so you can write once a week anyhow.
       As ever
        Your Son,
P.S. (Nine hours later.)
I have to draw a ton and a half tomorrow so I didn't go out in the field tonight. We put on our OD wools today and put our kakai uniforms away for the winter. It's pretty nice here yet, it rained this morning though. It gets pretty darned cold in the morning in the afternoon and evening it's alright. Well I guess that's about all there is to say right now. I'll be seeing you in
about four weeks.
      Until then.