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Oct. 10, 43
Dear Mother and Family,
Well here it is Sun. evening ten o'clock, Sun. our day off - Har Har -. I had K.P. Well I'd sooner have it on Sun. then I don't have make-up work, it was my turn today.
I got me a watch last night at Macon, it's luminous dial with a luminous sweep hand. It's a very smart looking Swiss movement. I only paid thirty three smackers for it including the tax. If you haven't sent the money yet don't because I won't need it. Take money out of that which I sent home, for my insurance. We go out on a three day bivouac sometime tomorrow afternoon so I won't be writing for a while. We come back and have a week or so of combat tactics and go out on a ten or fourteen day bivouac which is to end on the sixth of Nov. then we'll get A furlough probably before we ship to out next point.
I was truck driver for the range officer yesterday driving a truck almost like the ford, I drive the same thing for Bn. Headquarters tomorrow. It sort of makes me feel as though I could like the Army and more at home. Here's a poem I just happened onto.
Some men want money, stripes or bars:
Some juicy steaks and black cigars;
Some long for whiskey by the glass;
But all I want is a twenty day pass.
A guy sort of changes his views as he goes along so after I get a furlough I don't give a darn where I go.
By the way if anyone back there wants a watch I could get one probably from twenty to seventy dollars. I'll close not knowing when I'll write again but expecting to hear from you.
       As ever,