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        Oct. 6, 43
Dear Dad,
Well tomorrow is my nineteenth birthday but I guess this Army just doesn't appreciate me, they're going to make me go right ahead with the work. I am company truck driver tomorrow so it will be quite a change. Our company is firing the Garand M1 Rifle on the range tomorrow so I'll be hauling ammunition and equipment down to the range. These Army trucks are all four or six wheel drive and when you stick one of them you are really in a hole. I'll have good road so I won't have the fun of getting one stuck. A half ton weapons carrier would be just the thing for a farm. They're four wheel drive and have a wench on the front. They are like a half ton pickup with out a cab. Well that's enough about the wonderful trucks. I'm going to buy one after the war. ("Har Har")
Allen sent me a picture today. He is now an aviation cadet, before, he was a student cadet. Also got a letter from Shirley S. You don't need to send any apples we get fruit about every day and apples once in a while. I haven't decided yet whether to buy a watch, I think I can use the money better elsewhere. I don't know yet.
We haven't had any rain down here either in the last month and things are pretty darn dusty. It looks as though it'll do a little raining pretty soon. It's been cool down here so that in the morning with just your fatigues on you shiver and think of the heat we used to have just a month ago. In the afternoon it's just right with light underwear and fatigues. I haven't done any reading since I came in here and it's not likely I'll start. I don't need the money to buy the watch it's to carry me through later on.
        As ever,
P.S. If I just write a little bit I can write more often.