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     Sept. 29, 1943    Dearest Mother and family,
Well har I be, I've ben in this yere Arm-E three
hole months now sept four one day. Say do ya know what the hen said to the egg she had just lain? - "you fresh thing." I've got acquainted with a girl that if she stuck her head in a chicken coop they would all shut-up. - Her face would stop a cluck. I went skating Sat. night and met a girl had met before. So - I took her home and went out to see her sun. evening. She was raised on a farm but now she is working in an ordinance plant here in macon. She seems like a very nice young lady but I guess only time will tell.
We went for another little stroll last night. We walked from eight to one, taking ten minute brake every hour. Then we pitched tents, slept or tried to for three hours and about five went into some battle tactics and got back to the barracks at eight.
I haven't been lending money to anyone but Chester and he gave it back already. I am going to buy a watch this pay so maybe you had better send me five dollars of that money that ought to be enough and I can get some more later on if I need it.
I don't remember when the sore healed on patty but I'll bet a tonic would do her good.
I can just imagine what happened to Fred, you're supposed use the brakes on a hill but I don't suppose it would go so fast. Well what fun is life without a few bumps and bruises but experience is a good teacher. I guess that's the only way some of us can learn those things. We have five more weeks after this week. I guess I put my name in too late for the paratroopers, anyway something screwed up the works and I'm still here. I may have a chance of getting truck driver but I quit looking for anything then I won't be disappointed.
I didn't tell you this girl's name is Virginia Wilson, she is only about five feet ten and has brown hair and eyes.
Well it's about eleven thirty so I'd better shove off to bed. I haven't rec'd any mail since I got your last letter. Tomorrow I think we're going out and drag machine guns around, we do that when we're on our bellies or side. Boy it's a lot of fun. (Oh yeah)
        As ever,    Love     Dean

Oct. 4, 43
Dear Mother & Family,
Your package came today it's sure nice to see my echo. There isn't a whole lot to say I guess, we were down on the rifle range today and our company worked in the target pits. I was phone orderly and set around all day. I'm all played out from resting.
I was out to Beanie's yesterday and stopped to see Virginia on the way back. That's Virginia Wilson the girl I spoke of. Don't get excited, you don't need to worry about me getting serious about any girls. I don't care to take time to go to town except Sat. & Sun. evening. I have a date with her Sat. evening at the Rink and I'm going out to see Beany again on Sun. He is going to come down a week from Sun. then if he can get a pass. He has a lot of trouble to get a pass to Macon. I figure we might as well see each other while we can. I won't have any trouble to get a watch but I still don't know if I want to put forty five dollars in one. Don't worry about me having enough money. I'll let you know if I need anything. What are you trying to do, reform me? I don't believe there is much hope for that. Well I'll have to get to bed. How is the old ford running.
       As ever    Love   Dean