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Sept. 21, 43
Dear Mother,       
The cookies came yesterday, they didn't last very long. I got about four of them. They all raved about them. After this if you can possible get it when your sending a package put it in a ribbed card board box those thin boxes give too much when they are dropped. If you mail anything that is fragile have it stamped on that it is fragile. Today we had village combat tactics. That is how you are supposed to move into a town and clean out the enemy. It was raining pretty hard and the mud was pretty deep and we were really plastered and soaked when we got in. It was a lot of fun though. We only have six more weeks training after that I'll probably get a five-day furlough if I don't get in the paratroopers. If I don't get into the paratroopers I think my chances of getting to be a truck driver are pretty good, it's just another of those things you can never tell about. As I see things now I haven't any desire to stay in the Army after the war. Well I'd better pattle off to bed we've got a big day tomorrow, toting machine guns around and such.
      As ever, love to all  Dean

        Sept. 26, 43
Dearest Mother, and family,
Your letter came today in the evening's mail call but no watch. Will just forget about the watch, I can get one down here easily enough, the only thing is you can't get one like I want for less than $45. And I didn't want to pay quite that much for one. They have three or four in every Post Exchange so I'll get one and I'll just have to be darned careful of it. If you get my old watch fixed just keep it, it may come in handy. Don't put yourself out of the way to get a film.
I would just as soon have white cake for my birthday you don't need to save any thing for me for god knows when I'll be home. They all think they know when they will get a furlough but I'm not going to plan on anything then I won't be disappointed. Tell Gretchen to mind what she is told and things will be alright our officers holler at us sometimes too.
I suppose it is really beautiful around there now, corn shocks will be standing in the field and the leaves will be on the ground. Some folks think spring is the prettiest time of the year, but that is when you look ahead at the summers work. Fall is when you can look back at the work you've done. That's when I like to get up on a hill and look around. They have some nice hills down here but they rolling and you can't see any distance. If anything would make the tears roll that would, don't get me wrong though I'm not going to
ball. I quit that a couple years ago. We have to get up at twelve thirty tonite and go for a little walk - about twelve miles, we'll get back about eight o'clock. Well I guess I'm adjusted to the Army by now, but I'll be glad when they turn me loose. Don't mind this writing they have a radio blaring and things are of whirl (?). Bucky is up in vermont going to cadet college now, and I suppose you know Allen is in his flight training.
Don't you worry about me I'll not let any one hurt me. Well I'd better close and get a couple hours sleep before we go for that stroll. We generally have the day off after a night problem so they aren't so bad.
       I remain,   With love to all    Dean
P.S. You can send me my Echos (?) it'll give me something to look at.