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        Sept. 18, 43
Dearest Mother,
Your letter came today. I've been looking for it since thurs. I've been being a good boy all along, not running around with any girls or anything. Fact is I haven't been doing any running around at all. I haven't been to town in two or three weeks. I think I will go out to see Beany tomorrow, he can't get a pass yet for a while so he can't come to see me. It has been cool down here at nights too, you have to use a blanket at night. I've had an
awful head cold for the last two weeks, other than that things have been pretty well. Your package hasn't come yet. I've been wanting to write to Grace and Morris & Bruce and a lot of other folks but a guy can't write all the time. There will be a bunch of new fellows shipping into here, and if Bruce gets drafted at the right time he is just liable to be put down here. Don't tell me you got to the movies once, don't you dare go for another whole year now. Thanks for the shots they will be alright. I am up at our Recreation Hall, it is where I do most of my writing. There is a radio here and tables and fans, am just listening to the "Grand Old Opera." I would liked to have been home today to help with the Silo filling, it would be a grand change.
This is the writing paper that Allie gave me. We only have seven more weeks here then I don't know where we will go then. The Army doesn't know so how should I. If I pass my physical exam and am not too tall I'll probably be in the paratroopers the toughest outfit yet. If I don't make the paratroopers I may get to be a truck driver of the Heavy Weapons. I guess only time will tell. There isn't a
whole lot to say I guess, we took up the 45 revolver this week and the rest of the company had truck driving school. Fortunately I am not a truck driving instructor. They load you all up in trucks and pick out the roughest roads around and you practice driving. After a couple of days doing that you would rather walk.
Last night we went on a night problem, this time we hiked about four miles, set up our tents - took them down and came home. We done all this under simulated combat conditions. No lights or noise were allowed, and it wasn't moon light.
Well that's about all the blabber (?) I can think of right now.   
     As ever