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Sept. 11, 43
Dear Mother,
Rec'd your cards today and letters from Beany, Buck, Allen and Margaret Ruth. Rec'd a box of stationary from Aunt Allie and am going to answer her letters tomorrow. I should be in bed right now. I've been feeling tough all week, last night I got a fever so I went on sick call this morning and I've been in bed all day. I'll probably be there another day or two yet. I've got laryngitis, plugged up ears and A good stiff head cold. I had K.P. on Friday and ate about six apples.
By the way I want a picture of the farm from down on the road right about where the drain goes under the road. I guess you will have to borrow a big camera from somebody. I want Fred and Ernest on the jeep on the road right below the clothes line posts, Dad holding the horse around there somewhere and the rest of the family in the yard below the house. Same stuff "huh?" That's the way I want it. I don't want an expensive watch they are too easily broken, so just get around a $15 one. On a night problem we go out into the woods and split up and go out on maneuvers against each other, something like you would in combat. We passed the halfway mark of our training last wed..
Dad wouldn't feel right if he didn't work on Labor Day, well we never know what a holiday is around here either. I haven't wrote to Jim yet but will pretty soon. I've been writing to Margaret Ruth. She said that she had written him twice and had no answer. I guess I'd better quit. I'm starting to run my words together. Our work is just starting to get active now that we are getting into the practical work.
       I don't know about
       the as ever, but
       I remain with Love,
P.S. I haven't been sick in five years then I have to get sick in the Army. I'll be doing make up work for a month. Oh well that's life. Beany only has $.60 and no payday in sight so I am going to lend him five dollars.