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        Sept. 8, 43
Dearest Mother,
Things have changed a little since last evening. I didn't get this finished so I'll finish it now, since I'm not going anywhere. We had instruction on the rifle grenade, it is like a hand grenade only the rifle slings it instead of the hand. Tomorrow we get up at 5:00 and go out about three miles and fire live rounds from the mortar, the ones yesterday were only dummies.
I'm feeling pretty tough right now. Sunday night about one o'clock I woke up with an earache. I walked the floor for about three hours and finally got an aspirin but my ear hasn't unplugged yet, I've got a nice head cold and a sore tonsil. I've got more wrong with me right now than I've had in six years. I also have a headache.
Well that is enough troubles now to talk business. I am sending thirty dollars and you can get a watch for around 16 or 24 dollars. You know what I want I guess. I am taking 6:25 a month for war bonds. You can take out what I didn't put in a watch and put it on insurance. I am going to send money so I'll have something when I come home on a furlough if and whenever I get one. We finished the first half of our cycle today so I'll still be here another two mo. Unless something breaks. Next week the company have to go to drivers school and we fellows that already have our license will be instructors. By the way, they always call us men in the Army.
       As ever, Love,